Surgery Closures

Staff Training  –  Protected Learning Time (PLT)

The practice closes on 10 afternoons each year for Protected Learning Time, allowing essential time to allow the whole practice to come together to discuss recent guidance, protocols and practice business.

It is also an opportunity for all the staff to undertake obligatory training such as fire safety, basic life support, data protection, etc. and for the clinicians to progress with their continued professional development.

The dates scheduled for 2023 are:

  • Thursday 19th January
  • Tuesday 28th February
  • Thursday 16th March
  • Wednesday 12th April
  • Tuesday 23rd May
  • Wednesday 14th June
  • Thursday 13th July
  • Tuesday 5th September
  • Wednesday 11th October
  • Thursday 9th November
  • Thursday 7th December

Both sites of the practice will be closed from 13:00 to 16:00 on these days and only emergency telephone calls will be taken during that time.